Why I am a Christian Lenten Series

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Tuesdays 7-8:30pm in the Church Hall


February 20

"Why am I a Christian?"

A review and response to noted philosopher Bertrand Russell’s “Why I am not a Christian” lecture. The response suggests that by being Christian we are able to encounter God, each other, and ourselves in meaningful and true ways.

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Homework for Session 2

Watch the “He Get’s It” Superbowl Commercial “Footwashing” (Several times, pausing it now and then to linger on individual scenes, listening to the sound track)

  • What about the commercial (overall, particular scenes) drew your attention?
  • What is there in your past experience that predisposed you to notice what you did?
  • What effect, if any, did the fact that this commercial ran during the superbowl – with all its other attendant attractions – have on those who viewed it? How did they influence the viewers’ perception of its message?
  • What does all of this suggest about how people experience God, each other and themselves through Jesus Christ?

February 27

"How We Encounter
God through Jesus Christ"

Jesus says, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.” Explore the Church’s conviction that Jesus is the revelation of God. Ask what it means to engage with Jesus Christ in our place and time, and in so doing to encounter the God who is revealed through him.

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March 5

"“How We Encounter
Each Other through
Jesus Christ"

Jesus tells his disciples that when they do a compassionate deed for one of the least among us, they do it for him. Consider how engaging Jesus Christ can help us to engage each other. Jesus open our eyes to each other and helps us see each other in ways that recognize our mutual needs, as well as our mutual goodness and gifts.

March 12

"How We Encounter
Ourselves through
Jesus Christ"

When Jesus interacts with people in his ministry, he challenges their self-awareness and offers them a way to appreciate their God-given goodness. Explore how encountering God  and each other through Jesus Christ can lead us to encountering ourselves as holy, even if imperfect, human beings.