All parish and school employees as well as any volunteer who has contact with children more than four hours a month and/or more than once a month is required to be compliant with the safe environment protocol of the Diocese of Cleveland. This includes attending a Virtus “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” session, signing the Acknowledgement Forms stating that the Diocesan Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse and the Diocesan Standards of Conduct for Ministry have been read and will be abided by, undergo a criminal background check, and participate in continuing education which includes at least the completion of twenty-four online training bulletins. For information and/or training, contact: Brianna Mejak at or Dr. Deborah Scopacasa at


VIRTUS “Protecting God’s Children for Adults” is a safe environment training session that provides education on child sexual abuse and helps people know how to prevent abuse, recognize signs of abuse and report suspicions. Sessions are periodically offered at our Parish and throughout the Diocese.

Called to Protect

The “Called to Protect” program by Praesidium will be used in accord with Diocesan guidelines to instruct children in first through eighth grade about safety and prevention of abuse in our PSR program. Parents of children in PSR will attend a Called to Protect Parent Session. Parents may choose to opt their children out of the Called to Protect curriculum in writing. Our Lady of the Lake School children receive similar instruction through the health curriculum.


Diocese of Cleveland Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse
Diocese of Cleveland Standards of Conduct for Ministry