Hello friends in Christ,

If you are visiting our website, you are curious about who we are and what we stand for. In just a few words that will satisfy only a bit of  your curiosity, I will attempt to explain.

We are a Roman Catholic Christian parish in Euclid, Ohio. Jesus Christ and the Scriptures are the foundations of our vision and mission.  Twenty centuries of interpreting these Scriptures and living them  inform our own vision and our sincere attempt to discover, announce and  make real the Reign of God in our midst.

At the core of our vision is that you do NOT have to be perfect to be a part of our community. In fact, we take heart from the way in which Jesus welcomed everyone to follow him, even and especially those who were marginalized and considered unworthy. Of course, we strive to be faithful to that which Jesus called us, but we recognize that we all fall short and need the support of others in our community. It is one of the primary reasons that we come together as Church to worship and serve: We need and depend upon one another.

I have been privileged to experience the energy and transforming power of Christ’s Spirit in this community.   I invite you  first to explore this website, but even more and especially to explore this faith community. It is friendly, vibrant and purposeful. I and we would love to have you as collaborators and members of this parish family. Check us out! Come and see!

Fr. Joe Fortuna, Pastor