Preparation for Confirmation normally begins in 7th grade and concludes in 8th grade with Confirmation in the Spring.  The journey of preparation invites the candidates to deepen their relationship with Jesus and the church, while also inviting them to put their gifts at the service of others as a more mature expression of their faith.

We invite those seeking the sacrament of Confirmation to begin their preparation for Confirmation into the Catholic Church by calling 216-486- 0850, Ext. 14, or emailing Mr. Shawn Witmer for more information on the preparation process at

Sacrament Application 2021-22

Printable Schedule 2021-22

We also invite those already confirmed – the “confirmandi” – to consider becoming part of the Confirmation team for the group(s) coming behind them.

Anyone in 9th grade or older who wish to be confirmed should contact the parish office to make those arrangements.