Young people of our parish find a special place at our liturgies as servers. Students in fourth through adult prepare the altar and assist the presider at liturgies. We also welcome and encourage families to consider participating in this ministry too. Servers are assigned to serve weekend masses (a month at a time).

Please Note:

•If you are unable to be present for a Mass at which you are assigned, it is your responsibility to get a substitute. A list of servers is printed on the back of the paper copies to help you if you need to do so.

•When you get a substitute, please notify Fr. Joe at the rectory ahead of time so he will know who to expect as servers for that Mass. (Phone: 486-0850, ext. 24;

In order for your child to be a server, written permission and expression of support from their parent or guardian is required.  Parent support means that you will assist your child with meeting his or her responsibilities, including keeping an eye on the schedule, getting substitutes, and providing transportation when necessary.   It also includes giving them permission and arranging for them to be present for a training session with Fr. Joe Fortuna.

Please fill out the linked form below to express interest in your child becoming a server and register for a training session.  There are currently two training sessions scheduled:

Monday, September 30, 2:45-3:30pm and
Tuesday, October 1, 2:45-3:30pm

If you are unable to attend either session, you will be contacted to arrange an alternate training time.

2019 Parent/Guardian Permission/Support Form