We had a lot of fun parading through the northern area of the parish territory on August 2nd and 30th! Unfortunately, we had to cancel the parade on August 16 due to rain, see the reschedule information below.

We will be doing these sections on the following dates:
  • Sunday, August 2 - eastern area north of S. Lakeshore Blvd. and area directly southwest of the parish in between Pasnow, Lake Shore Blvd, E. 185, and E. 200.
  • Sunday, August 30 - beginning on Nicholas Ave. from E. 200, moving east to our eastern boundary and coming back to finish up the central area or our parish territory.
  • Saturday, September 20 - western area moving east into the southern part of our territory south of Naumann Ave., Nicholas Ave. [in between E. 200 and E. 215,] and Beckford.

We will not be able to parade down dead-end streets due to not having enough space to turn around.  However, you could meet us at the end of your street!

Join our Parade!!!

We would love for you to be a part of them!! All are invited to ride within your cars/trucks in our parade.

Here are what participants from the August 2nd parade said about their experience:

"I think it was great not only for our parishioners but for the community. I think it brought attention to the good will Our Lady of the Lake has for the community." - Tom


"What started out as a bleak, rainy day, turned into the realization that we were touching the lives of others in such a simple way. It was so much fun to see people on the streets interacting with us, smiling and waving as we drove by. There were parishioners that were waiting for our drive by, and were set up with chairs, taking pictures and holding up signs of support. I received a text from a friend afterwards telling me how great it was to see the OLL parade and thanking us for our time. It was an easy, yet powerful way to let people know that we are here for them and ready to welcome them back with open arms." - Janet

Contact Melissa (melissa@olleuclid.org) for more information or to sign-up to be in the next parade!!!