Attention all parishioners!!!  Please spread the word to people you know!!!

Due to an unforeseen amount of time that it took to drive the entire parade route originally planned, it's been decided that we would only do one third of our parade route this coming Sunday, August 2nd beginning at 1pm.
Our parade route has been separated into 3 sections.  We will be doing these sections on the following dates:
  • Sunday, August 2 - eastern area north of S. Lakeshore Blvd. and area directly southwest of the parish in between Pasnow, Lake Shore Blvd, E. 185 and E. 200.
  • Sunday, August 16 - western area moving east into the southern part of our territory south of Naumann Ave., Nicholas Ave. [in between E. 200 and E. 215,] and Beckford.
  • Sunday, August 30 - beginning on Nicholas Ave. from E. 200, moving east to our eastern boundary and coming back to finish up the central area or our parish territory.
We will not be able to parade down dead end streets due not having enough space to turn around.  However, you could meet us at the end of your street!
Contact Melissa ( for more information or to sign-up to be in one of the next two parades!!!