As communities of faith we believe that our beliefs are the rich source from which we draw our commitments to serve, support and benefit each other. We recognize that responding to The Lord requires us to strive together for the common good and the pursuit of justice for all. Only when our neighbors’ welfare becomes our own concern can we be truly faithful to God.

Consistent with our shared beliefs, we have formed the “Faith in the City” group to promote understanding and cooperation among the Churches in Euclid so that through the work of The Holy Spirit greater understanding, acceptance, cooperation and friendship can be achieved.

We are committed to working together and building relationships with the City of Euclid and other community partners to make Euclid a “place of welcome” for all, demonstrating a spirit of genuine concern and a true love of neighbor.

We recognize that although we may not agree on all things, we can and should work together on those things that our varied faiths permit. Together we place our trust and hope in The Lord, that He will bless and guide our efforts and help us to grow in faith, love, peace, joy, wisdom and understanding.