Being Church – Adult Educational Series

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An educational series with Fr. Joe Fortuna on what it means to be Church in the world and in our parish.

Prayer - Presentation - Conversation - Reflection - Refreshments

Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30pm in the Church Hall



Being the Body of Christ

St. Paul’s image of the Body of Christ has been a basic and fruitful way of thinking about “being church”. By examining findings of contemporary neuroscience, that image can be enhanced and even more fruitful for Catholic Christians and our Eucharistic celebrations today.



Being Synodal

Being the Body of Christ implies that we are a synodal church, that is, a community of lovers and seekers who strive to listen and walk together in the ways of God’s Spirit. The Body of Christ must be connected not only with those who are among the active and the affiliated, but also with those who are on the margins or feel alienated from the Church.



Being Seekers and Speakers of Truth

In a world in which many seem to be disoriented, to live in or create their own realities, to give in to polarized allegiances, the need for truth seeking and truth speaking is very much needed. The Church is called to model what it means to seek and speak the truth, and with compassion, mercy and courage to engage others in the quest.



Being Partners in Mission

As the renewed and expanded image of the Body of Christ discloses, the Church must be engaged with others, Christians and non-Christians, in actions on behalf of justice and participation to help the Kingdom of God find fuller and clearer expression. This is done as a synodal and sacramentally shaped church. In the words of Pope Francis’ motto, we “walk together, work together, pray together.