Evidence of Things Not Seen Lenten Series

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A Lenten Series presented by Fr. Joe Fortuna.


Session 1 - How Symbols Work

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Human beings engage and interpret our world and our reality with and through symbols.  Take an in-depth look at what all these symbols have in common and how they “work” to help us engage with our world.


Session 2 - "Official" Religious Symbols

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Religious symbols are the means by which we engage and encounter God and all aspects of the sacred. Explore symbols from the Catholic Christian tradition to consider their meaning and engagement.


Session 3 - When Evidence No Longer Seems Like Evidence

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Arguably one of the significant reasons for drop-off in religious affiliation is that “official” religious symbols no longer engage people in meaningful ways. Explore why this is the case and consider ways forward.


Session 4 - When Evidence No Longer Seems Like Evidence

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God’s encounter with human beings is not limited to “official” religious symbols. Consider the interplay of “official” and “unofficial” religious symbols to discover how we can find God where God finds us.