Our Lady of the Lake Parish is committed to helping make our community a better place. Volunteerism strengthens family bonds, builds a sense of stewardship and empathy and helps to instill Catholic principles in our young people, and helps provides us opportunities to live our faith and share, in the words of Pope Francis, “the joy of the gospel.” There are so many opportunities to volunteer and lend a hand. From service at area non-profits to community projects to parish initiatives, we have a range of options for all ages and abilities.  Call us to find out how you can get involved!


Here is how two of our youth ministry members talk about their recent volunteer experience:

“Going to the Euclid Adult Activity Center was so enlightening. I have been around my two mentally challenged great uncles my whole life, so I’m used to being around mentally challenged people. Everyone, including the staff, were so nice. The first half of the day I was taking pictures of all the activities. The second half of the day I was face painting. All the residents had huge smiles after I took their picture or painted their faces. I hope to continue serving this center.”

-Antonia Furlan

“This summer, I spent a day volunteering at the Euclid Adult Activity Center. My two great uncles are mentally challenged, so I’ve been used to these kinds of situations my whole life.  It was a really fun day. For the first half of the day, I face painted. It was really fun because after you were done, they got really happy and it was great seeing the look on their faces. For the other half of the day I took pictures. They had a little party in the second half of the day.There was music, dancing, caricatures, and they even had a stilt walker. I got to take pictures for that. It was very fun because they all wanted to pose for the camera. The whole day was a great experience and I would definitely do it again.”


-Mary Furlan

Matvey, Michaela, Dorothy & Barb 7.11.14

Our volunteers bring joy to the Euclid Adult Activities Center