Parish faith formation program for children grades Preschool-8 who do not attend Catholic School.  Begins October and runs through to early May.

2016-2017 Calendar

Blessing of Throats Today

After All Masses

Ask Your Children What They Learned About St. Blaise!

No PSR on Sunday, Feb. 19

President’s Weekend Holiday

Lent Begins March 1

Ash Wednesday Services

Masses @ 9 a.m. & 7 pm; Services @ Noon & 1 pm

The beginning of Lent.

Rice Bowls

We will be sending home “Rice Bowls” so please encourage your children

to give something up or do something extra to earn money to contribute.

The “rice bowl” campaign supports Catholic Relief Services (overseas)

but 25% stays right here in NE Ohio.

Please return Rice Bowls on Palm Sunday, Apr. 9

Questions? Suggestions? Contact Shawn Witmer @ 216-486-0850, Ext. 14 or


PSR Team of Catechists
Grades K-1: Mrs. Debbie Barberio, Mrs. Yvonne Debelak
Grade 2: Mrs. Donna Witmer
Grades 3-5: Mr. Bill Stauffer & Mrs. Maureen Schneider
Grades 6-8: Mr. Joe Serowik
Hall Monitor: Mr. Ron Humberson
Principal: Mr. Shawn Witmer
Substitute:  Ms. Amy McClelland
Assistant:  Ms. Grace Stauffer