Fr. Joe’s Blog – Fourth Sunday of Lent

Listen With Your Heart

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Weekend of March 5-6- 2016

One Response to “Fr. Joe’s Blog – Fourth Sunday of Lent”

  1. Beth Lawn

    The weekly readings during Lent seem to increase in length as Lent progresses but I find these readings to be most inspiring, more so that at Advent. The Lenten journey is a long one but most fulfilling. The narratives call to mind Jesus’ earthly ministry and the trials that he endured toward his end, towards his saving mission to redeem us. The questioning that the now sighted man endured just proves the ‘blind’ disbelief of the Pharisees, how actually spiritually blind they were, how unbelieving in what was happening in real time. But who are we to judge? If this miracle were to happen in our day and age, would we believe or disbelieve? That is a matter of both faith and trust. I myself don’t know how I would respond. In the past, in hearing this reading when I was depressed, I, myself, longed for the saving waters of Siloam, to be made ‘whole’ again. I think that in time, according to God’s will, I was ‘saved and redeemed’ by some sort of miracle, to be made fully alive and reborn again, for which I am eternally thankful for the saving power of both God and faith.

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